5 Reasons You Need A Roof Inspection For Your Kentucky Home

Man with hard hat performing a Roof Inspection

Kentucky’s weather sometimes has a combination of extreme weather patterns including droughts, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and heavy rainfall. With such weather, your home needs a high-performance roof in optimal working condition. One of the best ways to ensure your roof is in good shape is to carry out a routine roof inspection.

Roof failure puts both your family and the house at risk, which is a good reason to carry out a professional inspection. Discover some reasons to invest in a roof inspection.

1. Extend the Roof’s Lifespan

Professional roof inspection covers a broad range of areas that affect the life of your roof. The inspection covers the quality of workmanship, structural integrity, quality of the material, and interior condition of the roof.

The roof inspector gives an objective assessment and recommends solutions to extend the life of your roof. When you solve problems such as leaks and broken shingles, you protect the underlying layer of the roof and prevent further damage.

The inspection is a crucial step in preventive maintenance of your roof. The process guarantees you overlook no aspect of the roof system when you carry out repairs. Such comprehensive maintenance extends the life of your roof.

2. Assess Storm Damage

During the high storm season in April and May, your Kentucky home is at a high risk of roof damage. After extreme weather incidences, a roof inspection helps determine the condition of your roof. If you have any damage, you can carry out the necessary repairs.

If you overlook storm damage every year, the roof can deteriorate and exposes your home to more problems. For instance, water leaks through the roof can lead to toxic mold and mildew growth on the walls, which is a big health risk to your family.

Mold can cause symptoms such as eye and skin irritation, stuffy nose, wheezing, and asthmatic reactions. With a timely roof inspection, you can repair any roof damage to avoid such health complications.

3. Restore the Roof Functionality

Professional roof inspection focuses on roof restoration through a detailed report with a list of roof problems and recommended repairs. Such roof repairs strengthen your roof with enhanced functionality. The roof serves better to protect your family and the home when every component works optimally.

4. Determine the State of Your Warranty

If your roof has a warranty on the material or workmanship, you need a professional inspection to determine if the repairs required qualify under the coverage. You can usually only file a warranty claim if you’re sure the damage falls under the listed items.

The contractor or manufacturer often sends a certified inspector for the inspection who produces a written report about the condition of the roof and status of the warranty.

5. Save Money in Home Repairs

Deterioration in roof materials can reduce energy efficiency in your home. Heat gain or heat loss through the less-efficient roof increases electricity consumption in heating and cooling.

Likewise, if you have to carry out regular roof or wall repairs, a roof inspection is necessary to identify the underlying cause of such problems. Poorly installed gutters, for instance, can damage the walls and the foundation. An extensive roof inspection identifies ways to improve your roof’s energy efficiency and cut the cost of wall and foundation maintenance.

The roof is often overlooked during home improvements, yet it plays a critical role in your home. To avoid being caught unawares by roof damage, use a roof inspection to pinpoint any potential failures.

If you want to restore your roof in Lexington, Kentucky, we are ready to help. Barrier Roofs is a premier roofing contractor in the area with OSHA-certified roofers to handle all our projects. Contact us for the most extensive range of roofing solutions around.


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