men doing roof work in lexington

Everyone seems to have an opinion on roofing, and there’s a lot of misinformation floating around. So, debunking roof myths

squirrel in city

Lexington homeowners know that squirrels, raccoons, and birds can wreak havoc on roofs, leading to expensive repairs. From gnawing wooden

Seasonal Roof Care Lexington KY

Lexington’s seasonal weather can be harsh on roofs, making regular care and maintenance crucial to avoid major problems. Each season,

Back view of home showing full replaced shingled roof around chimneys

Homeowner was in need to replace the roof of his home, garage, and gazebo to address leaking issues as well

Front view of house after replacing the entire roof

Homeowner has contacted us a week ago with some leak issues on his roof. Upon inspection of the roof we

Back view of home after a roof replacement

We were contacted about a roof that had missing shingles and was leaking. Homeowner has decided on a very exotic

Home with new shingles after a full roof replacement in London, KY

Homeowner contacted us telling us she had several missing shingles. We inspected her roof and verified that. We assisted her

Close-up of home with a fully replaced roof in Somerset, KY

We have performed a small repair job for this customer in the past because his insurance would not cover the

Close-up view of metal roof replacement to asphalt shingles on home

Homeowner contacted us with issues with his roof, which was leaking in a few different areas. We have inspected it

Front view of a completed home roof replacement and soffit repair in London, KY

Homeowner has contacted us with issues with his roof after a recent storm. We have assisted him with the insurance

View from road of new home roof replacement

We were contacted about roof leaks specially around the chimney. We noted water stain marks on he ceiling in several

Roof replacement on Rental property in Burnside, KY

The customer had this rental property and was in need to replace its roof. Despite not being very large, it

Newly replaced roof on brick home in London, KY

Homeowner contacted us with problems on his roof. It was leaking. We have verified there were multiple shingles missing due

Barrier Roofs team members installing new shingles on home roof in Somerset, KY

Here are some before and after shots from a project we had today in Somerset, KY! We enjoy transforming homes!

Before and after views of roof after a full roof replacement by Barrier Roofs in Lexington, KY

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