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    Williamsburg, Kentucky Roofing

    When looking for a roofing company that will keep all of those who reside in your home safe from the outside elements, look no further than Barrier Roofs in Williamsburg, Kentucky!

    We are dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction to our customers. As such, we aim to keep our promise to ease the roof replacement experience by providing excellent service from industry specialists and accomplish this by installing the highest quality materials at the most aggressive pricing.

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    Services Offered in Williamsburg

    Barrier Roofs offers a full-suite of roofing, window, masonry, gutter and siding in Williamsburg, Kentucky.


    Roof Replacement, Repair & Installation
    Your roof is continuously exposed to the elements, high winds, heavy rain, hail, and intense UV rays from the sun, all of which can damage your roof and whittle away at the overall durability of your roof.


    Gutter Installation & Maintenance
    Gutters help keep your foundation from being worn away by rainwater, which is why it is essential that gutters are replaced if they are damaged and receive maintenance services to catch small problems before they become larger, and more costly, issues.


    Window Installation & Replacement
    Windows are imperative for bringing light and ventilation to your home. Windows also provide a sense of style and aesthetic towards your home’s overall look by accentuating a room or providing a beautiful view to the interior of your home.


    Siding Repair & Replacement
    Is your home looking worn, damaged, or faded? When it comes to making your home look like new, installing bright new siding is a great way to make your home the star of the neighborhood.

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    Have a damaged roof? Need window replacements? Barrier Roofs in Williamsburg, KY,  is here to assist you with all roofing, siding, gutter and masonry needs. Contact us today.

    About Us

    Barrier Roofs is a family business that provides a wide-array of expert roofing, window, gutter, siding and masonry services in Kentucky. From inspection, to repair to full replacements, Barrier Roof’s ensures your home is protected.

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