Siding Services

When it comes to making your home look like new, installing bright new siding is a great way to make your home the star of the neighborhood. Barrier Roofs offers professional siding repair and replacement services throughout Central and Southern Kentucky that will help your home achieve the unique look of your dreams.

Our Siding Services Include:

  1. Siding Repair
  2. Siding Replacement
Wood and vinyl siding on home near windows and main door with deck

Siding Experts

High-quality siding upgrades your home’s appearance and increases your overall property value. Siding also protects your home from the elements, mold, mildew, pest infestations, and more. Prevent your home from falling into disrepair and losing value by talking to our gutter experts in Kentucky today.

New house siding installation near window

Our Siding Is Available In A Variety Of Different Materials Including:




Composite Siding

Free Estimates Available

To get started on your siding project, our experienced sighting experts in Kentucky will inspect your home
and provide you with a free estimate that will work with your budget without breaking the bank.