Window Installation Services

Windows are imperative for bringing light and ventilation to your home. Windows also provide a sense of style and aesthetic towards your home’s overall look by accentuating a room or providing a beautiful view to the interior of your home.

Barrier Roofs in Lexington, Kentucky, provides professional window installation and replacement services to help your home look and feel more open and well-lit with top quality windows.

Our Window Services Include:

  1. Windows Replacements
  2. Window Installation
Using Screwdriver to install new window

Professional Window Experts

Barrier Roofs provides top-quality window installation services for both newly constructed homes and window replacements throughout Central and Southern Kentucky. Our knowledgeable and experienced window professionals will carefully measure your windows and discuss various styles and designs of window options, including material, style, energy-efficient glass options, interior finishing colors, exterior finishing colors, and more!

Man installing new Window Glass

Our Windows Are Available In A Variety Of Different Materials Including:




Free Estimates Available

We carry various brands, styles, and sizes to ensure that we meet your specific needs and personal aesthetic.
Rely on us to get your windows measured and installed right the first time.